Bio-Banking, Cryo-banking

IKS International offers many devices specifically suited for cold storage in bio banks or cryo banks varying from cooling and freezing, to a full XiltriX real-time monitoring solution for high quality storage at low or ultralow temperatures. The new CryoFill integrated cryo controller combined with XiltriX completes this unique offering.

Image of LR Laboratory Fridges

LR Laboratory Fridges

Laboratory Fridges from 130 up to 2100 litre compatible with XiltriX® real-time monitoring available from 110 up to 2100 litre white steel …

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Image of Freezer Racks (T&M)

Freezer Racks (T&M)

Freezer racks for chest and upright freezers suited for upright and chest models durable stainless steel optional drawer systems optional …

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