Freezer racks and boxes

IKS Internationalsupplies a wide range of freezer racks and boxes. The freezer racks are made by the German comapny T&M and can be supplied in almost every shape and size. Because fitting the right boxes in a freezer or ultralow freezer is a very tricky business, sales specialists from IKS International will gladly assit you in finding the right models and send you a quotation with technical specifications.

This is also the case with stroage boxes. There are a huge number of shapes and sizes. IKS International supplies boxes made of cartboard, als well as polypropylene and polycarbonate. All boxes are very competitively priced and can be supplied with and without alphanumerical coding. Just tell the sales specialist from IKS International which racks, boxes and vials you want to use and you will receive a quotation to size.

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IKS International supplies racks and boxes from:

  • T&M Vertrieb
  • National Lab
Image of Freezer Racks (T&M)

Freezer Racks (T&M)

Freezer racks for chest and upright freezers suited for upright and chest models durable stainless steel optional drawer systems optional …

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