How it works

The web server communicates with the sensor network via the XiltriX multi-functional Calypso modems. These in turn communicate with the sensors using either hard-wired Titan or wireless Telesto modems, each of which carries several sensor inputs. The ability to choose between a wired or wireless configuration gives infinite flexibility and scalability and the most cost-effective installation – there is no difference in measuring speed between hard-wired or wireless communication. Telesto can even be used as a wireless communication bridge between a local hard-wired Titan network and Calypso.

The 434 MHz frequency band gives good signal penetration through walls, even in difficult buildings. Calypso also has digital local alarm outputs and a built-in watchdog for added security. Built-in backup batteries and power failure monitors alert the user of local or building-wide power issues while monitoring and alarming continues to function.


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