CryoXiltriX at EBW 2016 in Vienna

The strategic alliance of Biobanking and BioMolecular resources Research Infrastructures – European Research Infrastructure Consortium (BBMRI-ERIC) and European and Middle Eastern Society for Biopreservation and Biobanking (ESBB) is resulting in a joint congress entitled The Europe Biobank Week, which will take place from 13 to 16 September 2015 in Vienna, Austria. The theme of the congress will be health innovation

IKS International together with Cryo Products will showcase their unique CryoXiltriX solution to the visitors of the exhibition. This solution will provide a leap in quality both for the control of the vapour or liquid level of the nitrogen tanks, but also in the manageability of the cryo bank as a whole. CryoXiltriX takes away all concerns for liability and will inform the user in real-time of impending problems.

Please visit our booth at number: 53 - CryoXiltriX

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