Afbeelding Reinier de Graaf Group

Reinier de Graaf Group

The Reinier de Graaf Group - SSDZ Hospital location Delft is a XiltriX customer since 2005 for the whole laboratory complex. The installation has steadily grown to about 300 measuring points since its commisioning. All laboratories have been connected to XiltriX even the laboratories at location Voorburg are being monitored though the internet. All paramters like temperature, Relative Humidity, CO2, doors, en differential pressures are being monitored in real-time. The person technically responsible for management and maintenance of XiltriX is Mr Rick van der Heyden of the department of Clinical Physics.

Recently IKS International has received a testimonial in which the years of cooperation are being summed up:

Please find the motivation why I would choose for XiltriX again.

It is a flexibel and complete package focussed on monitoring of measuring objects like the temperature of fridges etc. Alongside the measuring in real-time the history is also very comprehensible, in numerical values as well as graphs. It is fine-tuned towards functioning in an accredited laboratory environment, meaning different levels of access. Everything is logged. Complete, conveniently arranged, user friendly. Well adjustable at every level. Alarming can be fine-tuned locally as well as remote. Furthermore the system is very robust on a hardware level, it has very little failures. And even when failures occurs, there are dealt with swiftly and reliably. Aside from the reliable components their is a constant development for improvements. On a hardware as well as a software level.

For us it is a nice and reliable addition to our daily processes.

IKS International hopes to continue the cooperation in this way for many years.

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