Data Transmitters:

The data transmitters are the building blocks of the XiltriX system and are compact, unobtrusive and stylish units which provide totally flexible, wired or wireless connection options between sensors and the central server:

  • Calypso: multifunctional communication between the sensor network and the system server
    via a wireless (434 MHz) or wired (RS485) connection
  • Titan: wired (RS485) communication interface between sensors and Calypso
  • Telesto: wireless (434 MHz) or wired (RS485) communication between the sensor network
    and Calypso

Rack mounted and fanless web servers are available, complete with XiltriX menu-driven software with full reporting capabilities including:

  • Historical reports generated in seconds.
  • Graphs, numerical values and statistical information from any sensor at any time.
  • Up to 8 parameters displayed simultaneously for easy comparison and trend analysis.
  • Export of all numerical and statistical data to MS Excel™ compatible files.
  • Statistics including all commonly used values e.g. MKT (Mean Kinetic Temperature).
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